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About CleverMatch

CleverMatch GmbH – finding the best employees in the digital age

The company was started in 2017 by Gabriela Jaecker, founder of a personnel and succession consultancy for family-owned businesses, and IT specialist Reiner Schramm. The two founding partners aim to set new standards for recruiting, reaching beyond the commonly available application management systems and enabling a fully digital process of searching for and selecting personnel.

This central idea grew into CleverMatch: a global recruiting portal that enables employers to find and hire internal and external employees in an intuitive process that saves times and resources. Based on intelligent technologies, CleverMatch combines classical and innovative functions for searching and selecting candidates. This combination makes CleverMatch a unique and effective solution for recruiting.

CleverMatch combines various web-based tools and synergizes all applications for a digital personnel search in one platform. As a rule, using CleverMatch to find a new employee cuts down the hiring period by up to 80% and the costs by approximately 50%.

Furthermore, the fully digitalized process yields an optimal success rate, relieves companies of much of the burden of finding staff, and so frees up HR resources. CleverMatch enables companies to fill any and all positions in their hierarchy quickly and for the long term, from intern to professional specialist to executive level.