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Targeted direct approach

Reach passive candidates not currently looking to change jobs.

The targeted direct approach is advisable if you are looking to fill positions that require specific skills and knowledge, or positions at executive level. You can reach out to candidates not actively looking to change jobs and approach them directly on Xing and LinkedIn – CleverMatch offers various options for this.

You can either approach the candidates directly yourself – CleverMatch technology increases your reach by 50%. Or you use external service providers for the identifying and approaching them.

Your benefits

Your benefits

+ Targeted, personalized approach of ideal candidates
+ Reaching passive candidates
+ No spelling errors in addressing candidates
+ No excel lists
+ No risk of repeat approaches because of double addresses

Approach candidates directly yourself: € 0.25 per approach
(thus increasing your reach by 50% with CleverMatch technology)

If you use an external service to identify and approach candidates: Starting at € 3,500 for up to 100 candidates

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How the targeted direct approach works

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The targeted direct approach can be combined with...